Urban Plan of the Llevant sector in Figueres

Ordenación de la propuesta

This Project was an opportunity to define a new urbanism with ecological criteria, the definition of a more sustainable city model, validation tools, management, and the organizations needed. The urban morphology, the public space and comfort variables, mobility and services, urban complexity, the urban metabolism, urban green spaces, and social cohesion have been analyzed in this process.

The environmental and social objectives for the new district are divided into four fundamental areas: compactness, complexity, efficiency, and stability.

The city as a system increasingly raises the requirement for the renewal of the functional structures and their morphotypological fabric, with the aim of creating both a sustainable and knowledge based city model. The final goal lies in increasing the degree of organization in the territory and its potential for exchanges and reduction in local resources (i.e. the maximum efficiency of urban systems)

The project provides sustainable responses in a dual scale: to solve the specific problems of the neighborhood while facing the challenges and needs at the municipal level.

Urban Plan of the Llevant sector in Figueres





Alice Lancien

Laura Silva

ETSAV team:

Albert Cuchí

Fabián López

Gerardo Wadel

Kim Arcas

Marina Casals

David Motos

Rafael de Cáceres Architecture Company team:

Rafael de Cáceres

Xavier de Cáceres

Albert Aragall

Silvia Necchi

Nova Gestió team:

Lluís Brau

Manuel Fernández

Andrea Fernández